Cute Snack Bags. Use a Ziplock bag and attach cute paper to top.

cute way to wrap homemade treats - fill zip lock bag, staple on scrap book paper, add a bow, voila! Remember this for christmas ideas! & remember Big Lots has cheap scrapbook supplies!

How to perfectly put scrapbook paper on wooden letters

Whimsical Wall Decor

How to perfectly add scrapbook paper to wooden letters. I love this pin! How to perfectly add scrapbook paper to wooden letters. I love this pin!

rolled paper. Cute!

Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Great way to use up scrapbook paper scraps, or I was thinking left over wrapping paper:)

scrapbook paper alphabet

Buy wooden letters at Hobby Lobby or your local craft supply store and glue scrapbook paper to them. - Buy wooden letters and have them pop off art work?

Cover outlets with scrapbook paper

Cover wall outlets with scrapbook paper - wow. I did this in comic book paper for my grandson's light switch cover.

Window pane, scrapbook paper, stickers.

Under the glass of the frames she laid strips of scrapbooking paper in them with circle punches and letter stickers. Voila, a weekly planner showing this week and next week, that I can write on with dry-wipe marker. DEF MY FAVORITE CALENDAR IDEA!

Washer, fabric/paper, Mod Podge.

Cute idea -one washer, fabric/paper + mod podge = necklace".I'm addicted to modge podge

glass plates with scrapbook paper

I'm going to try this with those heavy plastic plates. {Tutorial} scrapbooking papers + modpodge + glass plates you can also do it with Fabric and adding a lace trim locks wow for a cake plate! Oh and the dollar store has glass plates!

Coasters with Scrapbook Paper

DIY Tile Coaster Tutorial -- Make your own coasters out of scrapbook paper. What a great Christmas gift.