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Nice Betty Davis singer and second wife of Miles Davis

I just found out about this lady, but Betty Davis had that freewheelin' funkadelic style and out-n-out sexuality thing down.Way before anyone ever thought of Rhianna.

some of the amazing visuals from "Suspiria" by Dario Argento, possibly my favorite horror film ever

some of the amazing visuals from the Italian horror film "Suspiria" by Dario Argento

22 Times Nancy Sinatra Gave You Life In "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"

*OMG - this was MY FAVORITE SONG when I was little strutting around in my white "Go-Go" boots! Still Love it! Nancy Sinatra-These Boots are made for Walking.

Gudrun Ensslin: founder of the German urban guerilla group Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Gang), she is seen as the intellectual head of the RAF but was also involved in five bomb attacks, with four deaths. She was arrested in 1972 and died on 18 October 1977, murdered in Stammheim Prison, Stuttgart, Germany.

A driving force of the Red Army Faction (RAF). The RAF used targeted urban violence to protest militarization. It would be easy if history presented people fighting for good causes who did not have blood on their hands.

Ulrike Meinhof, German journalist and member of the RAF (Red Army Faction)

Ulrike Marie Meinhof was a German left-wing militant. She co-founded the Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion) in 1970 after having previously worked as a journalist for the monthly left-wing magazine Konkret.