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Keep It Right And Tight

Keep It Right And Tight

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Quick HIIT: A 20-Minute Elliptical Workout

Butt workout

Get yourself in the best shape of your life!

Heres a workout to help you get the toned legs of a dancer. Pair this with a lot of stretching and you should notice a difference, especially in your calves, pretty quickly. For extra intensity, add dumbbells to the squats and lunges. Also, if you have a hard time balancing in the one-legged calf raises, stand near a wall or counter so you have something to rest your hand on for balance.

The best way to learn how to squat correctly is to do squats facing a wall. Bring your toes to the wall, almost touching, then sit down. Stay looking straight so you learn to keep your torso up. Sit as low as you can go then hold the seated position for 5-10 seconds and repeat. Great for butt, legs, and core.

8 moves for flat stomach and tight butt and no love handles.

Arm and Core Workout

Do this workout 2-3 times a week for leaner, tighter hips, butt and thighs to drop a whole jeans size

The P90X-Express Workout. 14 day routine only 20-30min a day....

March workout challenge



Savory Quinoa Muffins (Gluten-Free)

tons of weight watchers recipies and their points plus values

I can do this! Who needs a gym membership? Ali Sweeney's Couch Workout.

300/30 Day Ab Challenge-Results. It only takes about 15mins a night. thats not to much for this kind of results.

Want to Lose Weight? "Start Running Intervals. I will have try.

abs on abs on abs

Post preggo belly-exercises for the fat under your belly button! One day i'll be thanking myself for pinning this...

Tighten you tush in just 30 minutes a day. Doing this exercise for sure!

Arms Arms Arms

6 moves to lose your love handles.

Butt and Stomach workout

With this weight loss program you can relax knowing you have done everything you can to get that body you want!

More elliptical workouts