Jen G.

Jen G.

Orange County, CA
Jen G.
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Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken- My favorite part of our trip to Portugal is that it was almost accidental. Like we have done almost every summer, in the spring we began looking for a house to rent on one fork or another of Long I…

One of my favorite discoveries at Segovia Whitewashed Mirror

Scrolled floral and vine motif metalwork frame with an antiqued whitewash finish and gently curved silhouette give our Segovia Mirror a versatile aesthetic appeal. Helps to create dimension, drama and depth in a room.

One of my favorite discoveries at Pewter Prema Punched Metal…

The round silhouette of our gorgeous Pewter Prema Punched Metal Table Lamp Base is full of texture and visual intrigue.

One of my favorite discoveries at Black Terracotta Table Lamp…

Crafted of terracotta with an antique black finish, our exclusive table lamp has an urn-like silhouette that adds to its rustic charm. The natural terracotta construction lends it a unique texture and a subtle gold wash adds a metallic sparkle.

One of my favorite discoveries at Faceted Pewter Flynn Table…

Crafted of faceted metal with a pewter finish, our exclusive table lamp adds a geometric element to any room. Subtle brushwork details add a delicate texture to its organic appearance.

One of my favorite discoveries at Glass Terrarium Table Lamp…

Intricately crafted of precision-cut glass fitted to an antique zinc frame, our exclusive table lamp is a geometric statement piece inspired by the airy beauty of plant terrariums.