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Sneak Peek: Raya Carlisle "Our kitchen is unusually large for the houses in this neighborhood and was a big selling point. Not much has been done since we moved in, except painting and changing the light fixtures. I have grand plans for it someday. The bar stools are from Industry West, all the lights are from Schoolhouse Electric and the island is Ikea." #sneakpeek

Alice’s Sophisticated Portland Home — House Tour

Look We Love: Kitchen Counters with Bright Bar Stools — Color in the Kitchen

A Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

A Kitchen Makeover on a Budget - Don't let fears of cost or complexity ruin your appetite for revamping the most important room in the house. With a medley of minor tweaks and grander upgrades, one couple turned their tiny messy hall of a kitchen into a clean, modern, functional space -- one affordable, easily digestible task at a time.

A Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

After This taller, skinnier stainless-steel refrigerator fits flush with the counter. Likewise, because dark colors can make a room feel like it's closing in, we brightened the brown cabinets with several coats of pale blue-green paint (semigloss for chip resistance and ease of cleaning). The cool hue reflects more light (both from the modern glass globe fixture and through the sheer fabric shade), making the walls appear to recede.