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Forget paper bag luminaries...mason jars are the way to go.  Save those spaghetti sauce jars or find cast-offs at the thrift store then use a little white glue to apply recycled tissue paper to the outsides of the jars...drop in some beeswax tea lights and you've just made magic...

Catching Fairies with Mason Jars. Cover the outside of the jars with various amounts of tissue paper. Then light a candle on the inside. Great for a summers night. Better effect with more mason jars!

Long sleeve dress, flower headband, long and loose wavy hair. This is exactly what I envision for my wedding day!

Wanting to do a sparkler send off just like this? CAUTION: Every tiny little spark has the potential to leave a scorch mark on fragile fabrics. Instead consider having someone experienced set off preset box of fireworks (50+ shot). Nearby but about 200 feet away and downwind.

since my wedding will most likey be at the end of the year, and I've always wanted a night wedding, I've wanted sparklers as the thing people do instead of rice or bubble. who doesn't love sparklers.

So elegant...could also use icicle lights or even the colored lanterns would look beautiful over top. Would save on flower costs.

Love the hanging light bulb inspirations. Outdoor Wedding String Lights for Wedding Reception or Celebration