Drop Cloth Curtains. Maybe using a tension rod and doing this in the kitchen. OR,,,,,,, doing this part way down on my tall windows in the front room?

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diy no sew painters tarp pillow. You can make a drop cloth pillow in no time. Actually you can make several from one tarp. Inexpensive and easy to do!

drop cloth curtains....I need curtains for my master bedroom, and having three windows, it can get costly...about $250 costly...I do believe I'll make some drop cloth curtains for all three windows, for around $35-$40!! Can't beat that!

DROP CLOTH CURTAINS - folded over the edge to the desired length, ironed the edge & clipped on the rings. No sewing! The two side edges are the selvege and the bottom is hemmed. I could have sewed them at the top, but if I have to wash them, they are probably going to shrink up, to I could hem them at that time, if I wanted to.

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