DIY Quick and Easy Way to Clean Blinds!

DIY Blind Cleaning Tool (Quick and Easy Way to Clean Blinds)

smart! and I love the illustrations

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Metal being taken over by rust? Before you give up, try this easy as pie, mind blowing way for how to remove rust! You won't believe how simple it is!

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DIY Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes. Remove Paint, Gum and Ink. Mend Jeans and Fix Snags in Clothing. Resize and Repair your Jeans, Shirts, Pants and Shoes

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6 homemade bathroom cleaner recipes so you can clean your bathroom from top to bottom #ad

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How to clean moldy water bottles life hack: Use a vinegar or a very weak bleach solution if your water bottle isn’t dishwasher-safe (or if you don’t own a dishwasher).

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6 quick tips to keep your house clean and your sanity intact. The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Clean (Enough) House

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How to Remove Pee Stains from your mattress, and remove the smell! It really works! DIY stain remover solution.

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Tricks to clean a automobile - cleaning your car does not need to take all afternoon!!

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The Painless Way To Wash Walls. This time-saving tip will save you a ton of time AND headache. It's especially helpful if you have tall walls or vaulted ceilings. {}

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Cream of Tartar uses for cleaning, stain removal and more. This is another homemade cleaner ingredient you should definitely add to your arsenal. Who knew it did all this? {on Stain Removal 101}

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Great tutorial on how to clean your washing machine and get rid of that stinky smell and mold for good! A must read!

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How to Keep Towels Soft. Tips to keep your towel like new and get rid of any smells in them!

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How to clean a bathroom using 10 great tips

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These brilliantly easy speed cleaning tips and tricks will help you clean your house fast even if you are as messy as we are and it is totally trashed ...

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Remove Mildew Smell from Your Towels

Remove Mildew Smell from Towels

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

How to Keep From Drowning in Pet Hair

How to get rid of {The Ring Around the Toilet Bowl!}

How to Clean that Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring for .25 cents

How to easily clean your walls and leave your home shining!

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How to Clean Your House FAST-from someone who worked as a maid and professional house cleaner!

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Use Clorox toilet cleaner with bleach to clean grout.... I tried this today and it worked like a charm!! My floor hasn't looked this good since I moved in!!


I do most of these things already, but they're still good tips!

17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You

I thought I was going to have to throw out all my cutting boards and invest in new ones, but the tips here made them as good as new!

How to clean plastic cutting boards