~~Singapore / Nymphaea~~

Water lilies are a genus of hardy and tender aquatic plants in the family Nymphaeaceae. These are water lilies and working bees in a artificial pond in front of the ArtScience Museum of Singapore at Bayfront.


Variegated Purple Tulip - I absolutely love this tulip. I think a bouquet of deep purple, purple variegated, deep mauve, pink, soft pale pink & one or two off white tulips would be awesome!

✯ Black and Red Rose

My-my-my- look at the color.These roses grow in Melinoe's garden in Barbizon, France… she had them imported at great expense.

lily pads

Reflection can make ordinary photos look interesting. Try to see some beautiful reflection photography that you can use as inspiration here.

Garden Colors by Greg Boratyn*

Garden Colors - Just a simple shot of tulips I took in my mother's garden. If you view it on black the colors will pop ;

These orchids look a lot like "Lady Slippers," but are actually called "Fairy Slippers"

Calypso Orchids by Joe Fierst on Capture Minnesota // Also known as the Fairy Slipper orchid - this wild orchid is tiny, easily overlooked.


Garden - Fuqua Orchid Center - UID orchid Looks like a pirate to me!