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The Best Parental Explanation of the Truth Behind Santa Claus-My little one still believes in Santa Claus, but I am already dreading the day when she asks me the truth about the jolly old man in red. This letter, written by parents to their son, is the best parental explanation of Santa that we've ever seen. We are totally bookmarking this!

No need to decide between hot cocoa and chocolate cake – with this decadent dump cake, you can have both!

I love potatoes for dinner and This easy baked potato bar is my solution to feeding a crowd with ease! Everyone's favorite!

25 Christmas Traditions at …These are 25 simple and memorable ways to celebrate Christmas! #christmas #traditions

"In Amblyopia the dominant eye acts like a bully and doesn't allow the lazy eye to play. That metaphor describes what neuroscience shows us about Amblyopia (lazy eye) where there is an active neural process that occurs in the brain to "suppress" or shut off the amblyopic eye. In Taylor's vision therapy, we are using an advanced model of Amblyopia treatment that enables her to use her two eyes as a team. Here you see Taylor engaged in a binocular vision game..." ~Wow Vision Therapy