20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention

No Bored Students! Wonderful ideas to give students brain breaks and heighten their attention. Thank you Minds in Bloom for sharing these ideas!

Kids vs. Teachers - a behavior management technique that works like magic!

Kids v. Teachers - a magical intervention

Teachers - a behavior management technique that works like magic!- My cooperating teacher does this and it truly works! Works great in a DI room!

draw your attention to POSITIVE behavior!   As chaos ensues within the classroom (and by chaos I mean anything from "getting a  little chatty" to "full on riots"), I look for someone who is doing the right thing.  And then...  DING!  I whack my little bell and the room comes to a screeching halt.  Because: a) They know somebody is about to get awarded a tally and (even if they were the one go-go dancing on a desk they still hold a flicker of) hope that it will be their name c...

Clutter-Free Classroom: DING: You are now free to start focusing in the classroom (rings the bell whenever a student is caught doing something good and they get a tally mark)

10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum

10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum

10 Ways to Stop a Toddler Tantrum - These tips really helped calm my little child's tantrums! Great parenting advice on toddler discipline.

A Peach for the Teach: How to Help Calling Out and "Class Clown" Behavior

Nice explanation of planned ignoring. Learn strategies for ending power struggles, calling out, and disruptive behaviors. Get ideas for teaching students to self-monitor their behavior and use positive language. A Peach for the Teach

behavior management

One teacher said, I do this in my gradebook - I get out some markers and color in whatever colors my students ended the day on. I use this to determine their citizenship "grades" for each report card. This one is CUTER, though!

Wow!  This is awesome!

Unlike the stop signs, this will hold the students accountable for their behavior! If they don't know what they were doing then I will probably need to refresh them on the rules!