Jerimy Bednarczyk

Jerimy Bednarczyk

Jerimy Bednarczyk
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For the price, this is an incredibly valuable tool to have in any vehicle. A glass breaker for windows with a belt cutter designed into the handle. While it's unlikely that the average person will find themselves in a vehicle submerging in a lake where the glass breaker would be needed, the belt cutter could be incredibly useful in an accident if your seat belt is jammed for whatever reason. Since you can get both as a single tool, you may as well.

The original Lifehammer - an emergency tool that everyone should keep in each of their cars, near the driver's seat. Use it to free yourself from a seatbelt and break a window if you get trapped in your car.

Although it would require a special mount and likely wouldn't be practical for a car, this would be great for any truck or SUV. Generally carried by off-road enthusiasts, I would probably use it any time I needed a jack for the simple fact that it looks incredibly easy to use.Now the catch to it would be its apparent lack of reach to a load bearing point.

The official online store of Overton's - Launching Life on the Water since Watersports and marine accessories.

This is so funny!!

Funny pictures about Infallible Cat Trap. Oh, and cool pics about Infallible Cat Trap. Also, Infallible Cat Trap photos.

Eye - Optical illusion - makes your eyes see things sort of wavy for a few seconds.

Eye – Optical illusion This video has been carefully designed to create a strong natural hallucination. Use full screen and HD for better results. WARNING: Do not watch this video if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy or seizure disorder.

Fucking weirdos

The Collie Walk - working border collies sneaking up on each other - HYSTERICAL!

Handcuff key buckle - pretty awesome

Handcuff key buckle - pretty awesome

As everyone knows, the best place for a stun gun is on the back of your wrist.

The Bodyguard The device is a heavy armored glove equipped with a powerful taser, laser pointer, flashlight and camera – all equipped to deter and stop criminals. This seems like the kind of gadget the Technology department would cook up.