Condensation floods a mini city of Taipei!

The city of Taipei hs been resized into a small coaster. Condensation from your cup will slowly flow through the entire city. The water will first fill up the river and lowly work its way into the narrower streets and alleys.

c'mon.  This is so ingenious! Magnet keychain!

It looks like a hook, but it's more than a hook. Combining all the functions from hooks, keychains, and magnets, this Hookeychain maget is a great design gift for anyone!

black on black playing cards.  Refreshing change!

A deck of cards entirely in black. The design, particularly for Jokers, Kings, Queens and Jacks, also add another unique touch. Play cards with design and style.

ADDICTIVE vid on how pencils are sharpened

How to sharpen a dozen pencils. Animated gif of pencils being sharpened. From 22 Mesmerising GIFs That Show How Things Are Made

The best way to fatten up - grow longer!

PiiiiiG Bank Coin Bank - expandable coin bank :D innovation-at-home

great for the conservative or salesperson

These corporate gifts are useful and unique by featuring your company’s logo.

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