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I don't want a perfect person #relationship #quotes

  • Cynthia Haha
    Cynthia Haha

    Yes please! Where is he???

  • Whoa! Jasmine
    Whoa! Jasmine

    Perfect is boring. I need a weird person like me too!

dont forget

Relationship Quotes

  • Jaqueline Rude
    Jaqueline Rude

    Aaaww.. its so true and yes I agree I wish more knew about this.

  • Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp
    Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp

    so sweet and true....yes, people we love should really realize the meaning of this.

  • Carla Hopper
    Carla Hopper

    Soo true! Love this!

  • Cynthia Haha
    Cynthia Haha

    If only he got that...

  • Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp
    Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp


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Yup. True story.

  • Linda B. Holzschu
    Linda B. Holzschu


I can't predict the future, but I do know that wherever life takes me, I want you by my side <3

  • Natalie Bickham
    Natalie Bickham

    This may be a weird question but do you happen to live in NY? I use to know someone from there with your same name..... Love this quote by the way

Creative & inspirational quotes & thoughts {Part 7}

  • Claire Williams
    Claire Williams

    Oh so true!

  • Cec Witkowski
    Cec Witkowski rad. ♥

  • terese fisher
    terese fisher

    So true of all my great loves.

  • Leah💜

    I love it!

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  • Nichole Stevenson
    Nichole Stevenson

    I lost. :(

  • Dalton Ferris
    Dalton Ferris

    Nobody loses

three things

  • Rhonda Gaddis
    Rhonda Gaddis


Something people have a hard time doing these days

Funny pickup lines

Love quote eyes smile girl boy


#blairwaldorf #quotes #relationships

Say It And I Am Yours!

Binary Heart xx Marriage Proposal, wedding humor, nerdy wedding humor, ironic wedding, wedding comic strip, geek humor, geeky wedding hearted <3


Why | Cardboard Love in a Digital World

Dr Seuss on live. One of my favourites :)

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  • The Iris B.
    The Iris B.

    Thanks J. - how nice to see there is still a romantic guy out there... love the boards and wisdom!


    And that is my marriage to a t !


#254 - noodlesxftw

We decided to know each other a long time

love quotes

Love Quotes 8 5B1 5D Cute and emotional love romantic quotes

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  • Angel Steward
    Angel Steward


Upholding and expressing genuine feelings are a part of loving relationships.

!*!~*Beautiful love quotes*~!*!

Me, Andrew and the girls??? I love it!!!!