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Wait for the person who pursues you, the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical, the kind of person who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person; wait for the person who will be your best friend, the only person who will...

Wait For The Person Who Pursues You - I Love My LSI


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I don't want a perfect person #relationship #quotes

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  • Cynthia Haha
    Cynthia Haha

    Yes please! Where is he???

  • Whoa! Jasmine
    Whoa! Jasmine

    Perfect is boring. I need a weird person like me too!

Do not forget you hold my most precious commodity, my heart... <3

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I love you. I mean it everytime. Those words are powerful and your love has power over me. Saying it is one thing. Showing it is the real power. A power that you couldn't always feel. Shame on me. I should never had let you go a day without knowing you were completely loved every second.

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  • Jaqueline Rude
    Jaqueline Rude

    Aaaww.. its so true and yes I agree I wish more knew about this.

  • Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp
    Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp

    so sweet and true....yes, people we love should really realize the meaning of this.

  • Carla Hopper
    Carla Hopper

    Soo true! Love this!

  • Cynthia Haha
    Cynthia Haha

    If only he got that...

  • Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp
    Jennifer Theresa Gavar-Grenfenkamp


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True story.

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  • Linda B. Holzschu
    Linda B. Holzschu


sweet. how i feel about my canadian stud.

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  • Natalie Bickham
    Natalie Bickham

    This may be a weird question but do you happen to live in NY? I use to know someone from there with your same name..... Love this quote by the way

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  • Claire Williams
    Claire Williams

    Oh so true!

  • Cec Witkowski
    Cec Witkowski rad. ♥

  • terese fisher
    terese fisher

    So true of all my great loves.

  • Leah💜

    I love it!

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  • Nichole Stevenson
    Nichole Stevenson

    I lost. :(

  • Dalton Ferris
    Dalton Ferris

    Nobody loses

three things

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  • Rhonda Gaddis
    Rhonda Gaddis


Something people have a hard time doing these days

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love quotes and sayings | Cute love quotes Funny pictures

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Love quote eyes smile girl boy

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Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl, Love, Quote, Blair Waldorf

Say It And I Am Yours!

Computer Geek Lovenote.

Binary Heart Marriage Proposal, wedding humor, nerdy wedding humor, ironic wedding, wedding comic strip, geek humor, geeky wedding hearted <3

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Why | Cardboard Love in a Digital World

Dr. Seuss knows a thing or two about life.

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  • The Iris B.
    The Iris B.

    Thanks J. - how nice to see there is still a romantic guy out there... love the boards and wisdom!


    And that is my marriage to a t !

Daily dose of love quotes here

#254 - noodlesxftw

Lol Strangest Personalized, Yup 28 Years, Quote Antidote

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<3 #love #words

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Forgot to write, Never give up when she shuts you out of her life, or move cross country to be with her <3 <3 <3 My Husband, I TAKE GREAT PRIDE in him, I Knew ALL ALONG he loved me,He just needed to Love himself......I AM BLESSED With the LOVE so many DREAM about, It WAS ALL worth it,The ups,the downs....THE REAL LIFE we live. He is such a Beautiful Mind, and a warm hearted wonderful Growing Man

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  • Angel Steward
    Angel Steward


Upholding and expressing genuine feelings are a part of loving relationships.

!*!~*Beautiful love quotes*~!*!

beautiful quotes about love | Beautiful love quotes*~!*!

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