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Apple - CarPlay

Apple - CarPlay

Nokia Lumia Icon

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The AK240 portable audio player by Astell & Kern

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The Xperia Z2 from Sony

Xperia™ Z2 | Android Phone - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)
  • Rena Renata
    Rena Renata

    Nyit Nyitz alamaaaaaakkkk!!

Samsung GALAXY S5

My life powered by Galaxy S5
  • Tracy Leopold DiBenedetto
    Tracy Leopold DiBenedetto

    Yes please!

  • monow m
    monow m

    Ugly ;)

YotaPhone 2 launches with full touch e-ink display - Telegraph

YotaPhone 2 launches with full touch e-ink display - Telegraph

Braun BN-0106SLBTG

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  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez


Red Stripe 600 camera kit

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Samsung GALAXY S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 - Life companion
  • _DIFF_

    nice screen

  • Jonny Rowntree
    Jonny Rowntree

    It looks like Samsung are preparing to ditch the Note series and keep pushing along with the Galaxy series. This looks like the Note 2.5 to me.

  • Michael Joynt
    Michael Joynt

    Not to worry... Note 3 is in the works.

Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 – It moves you

Google Chromebook Pixel $1,299

  • Jackie Debs
    Jackie Debs

    Even if it is a blatant ripoff, I like it!

  • Goldwing2001 Tony
    Goldwing2001 Tony

    I ordered mine. It should arrive tomorrow.

  • Hamed Babaei
    Hamed Babaei


  • Isaac Riquelme
    Isaac Riquelme

    So cool but so expensive Anyway a way to introduce touchscreen to the computers world


HTC One (M8) Specs and Reviews | HTC Additional Support
  • kevin pascacio
    kevin pascacio

    Ok like

Ubuntu tablet - awesome!

The leading OS for PC, tablet, phone and cloud

Gorgeous new Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Xperia Z | Smartphone - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)
  • Doridro Hasnat
    Doridro Hasnat

    it`z gonna be awesome phone

  • Rendani Nevhulaudzi
    Rendani Nevhulaudzi


  • Jeremy Penner
    Jeremy Penner

    This phone and ubuntu os for phones would be my dream combo.

  • orgonite

    ubuntu should be ported to it soon, maybe as a d ual boot option as well .. once its released :) considering how the development community loves sony now..

  • gelerto troner
    gelerto troner

    Great !!pinned it.If you can, pls look at my board which provide tips for android user . Must for android lovers

Lenovo Tabletop Gaming PC | IdeaCentre Horizon | 27" with Windows 8

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  • KLG

    So nice!

Game Stick portable game console

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Ubuntu OS for phones, I can't wait!

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Sony recently sent me their latest HDR-AS15/B Action Cam and it is amazing! I was shocked at the quality of video that comes out such a small device. I can't wait to get it up on the ski hill and test it under some other less than ideal conditions. Highly recommend taking a look at this camera.

Sony US - Sony US
  • Kerwin Weng
    Kerwin Weng

    Already got one

  • Becky Lund & Associates
    Becky Lund & Associates

    Great camera.

  • Hamed Babaei
    Hamed Babaei

    it is


404 | HTC
  • Michael Joynt
    Michael Joynt

    I think my wife might be getting this (or the Note 2).

  • Bayu Sutrisno
    Bayu Sutrisno

    i love it..

Nest 2.0

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  • Barb Clark
    Barb Clark

    LOVE my Nest thermostat.

  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis

    Love our nest! So easy.

  • Richard Martes
    Richard Martes

    I actually love this product as it works like a charm and it was easy to install and setup..

  • Pedro Gil
    Pedro Gil

    I love It!


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  • Shari Platte
    Shari Platte

    I have 3 Leif's cameras. Love all of them

  • Shari Platte
    Shari Platte

    Stupid spell check! I wanted to say the name of the camera.

  • RepairLabs at
    RepairLabs at

    hahah, dang it, spell check. Do you have a specific one you'd recommend to a basic newbie?

  • Melissa Olivares
    Melissa Olivares


  • Bridget Kelly
    Bridget Kelly

    @shari, what do you like about these cameras.

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC

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  • Uplifting Families
    Uplifting Families

    This phone looks awesome.

  • Mariana Barragan
    Mariana Barragan

    I'm totally a big fan of windows phones, I'll be upgrading soon and my sons will be styling old phone. ♥ :D

  • Thanos Antonopoulos
    Thanos Antonopoulos

    I'm owner ^^

  • Stephanie Lane
    Stephanie Lane

    i bought this and returned it the next day and returned to apple with the iphone5... i like the new windows layout a bajillion x's better but it just doesnt have everything the iphone5 has to offer :/ i really wanted to love it whomp whomp

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NOOK HD+ Tablet Slate 32GB


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  • Stuart Richards
    Stuart Richards

    Uh - iPad much?!

  • Deanna Degon: Graphic Designer//Illustrator
    Deanna Degon: Graphic Designer//Illustrator

    actually, there is a better quality one that rivals the iPad

  • Deanna Degon: Graphic Designer//Illustrator
    Deanna Degon: Graphic Designer//Illustrator

    this one is I think meant to rival the new kindle coming out

  • Stuart Richards
    Stuart Richards

    Rivals really? i've never heard of it! It does look pretty cool though

Sony Alpha a99 Full-Frame DSLR Camera

Sony a99 Full-Frame DSLR Camera Body | SLTA99V
  • Mohammad Reaz
    Mohammad Reaz

    mind blowing

  • Heather D
    Heather D

    I love Sony. I shoot with a Sony a300. I love it!!!!