upcycled boat bed

Upcycled Boat Bed

What a cool idea to turn an old boat into a “Suspended boat bed”.yea, cause everyone has an old boat and a huge empty room around.

boat garden

Christmas tree in a boat on a lake! Not everyone has a lake, but lots of neighborhoods have ponds. How great would this be in the neighborhood pond! - I want a pond just to do this lol

DIY Boat Sandbox

Like the old boat sandbox. Desire Empire: Beach Home Decor: Awesome boat sandbox diy kids outdoor play area idea fun-diy-projects

E tem gente que apronta o ano todo e no Natal é tomado por um clima de amor e perdão. Parabéns para eles, que mesmo por por um tempinho, permitiram ser tocados pelo amor. Triste os que se fecham pra vida e pro mundo e ainda tentam apagar a pequena luz que se acende no outro. Rosi Coelho***

Super cute Christmas photo with the baby playing under the tree. This would be so cute for a Christmas card.


a day on the big blue sea. In a beautiful boat. With a beautiful someone.

I love this boat

A beautifully restored antique wood boat. one of the many boats dislpayed at "Boats on the Boardman"


The Washhouses of Pontrieux in Brittany, France (by Yann Le Biannic). If I lived on that river I would have a boat full of flowers too.

Bangladesh Boat Bridge | HOME SWEET WORLD

Bangladesh - A walk across a floating boat bridge on the Buriganga river in Dhaka. Water hyacinth has hampered the movement of boats on the river so boats are tied together to form a temporary bridge.

beautiful! rocky shore

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