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Some E Cards

eyelevelgallery: HAIL THE RAINBOW QUEEN

every time.

Doubletroubletwo: Funny Cards .... :-)



❤Happy Dance!


I was OBSESSED with this particular barbie. loving you barbie #childhood #barbie #80s

design is mine : isn't it lovely?: THOUGHT OF THE DAY : JUST KIDDING.

Cassette Tapes 80's style...you used them to tape songs off the radio!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green | 13 Of Your Favorite Books If Their Titles Were Honest

13 Of Your Favorite Books If Their Titles Were Honest


no but seriously

Bill Cosby

When mothers can’t remember your name…



Darby Smart knows the way to our hearts.

Introverts unite. But separately.

  • Lori R.
    Lori R.

    Mindy Davis Lanphear ...this made me smile! :-)

80 year old Rita owns over 70 pairs of outrageous sunglasses, and wears them beautifully. (from Advanced Style)

The joy of removing a bra

TheGoodVibe - Inspiring Typograhic Quotes


how to avoid everything, vintage book

true story. Jeanetta Darley hahahahahahah

  • A PS
    A PS

    You are a gangster. Shit

Lol I don't have midnight snack but this is so true!

love this funny take on extreem children's rooms from catalogs

Yes, yes I do.

ok that is cute


Not oblivious, just a professional. YES!