Akio Nukaga- carved pitchers

Akio Nukaga- carved pitchers I like these pitchers because of the texture and how simple they look. I like that they are black and white because it helps show the contrast of the wider body and thinner neck.

elephant ceramic - i really love their tactile, handbuilt aesthetic. I would actually trade my lovingly-curated collection of mixed & matched vintage floral plates for a set of elephant's artful stoneware... now *that* would be a step towards simplifying!

elephant ceramics/ cloud white pieces Love the color love the texture

10 favorite stores with handmade ceramic tableware on Etsy

10 best stores for handmade ceramic tableware on Etsy

pureblyss: ginandbird: thedaythatnevercomes: Handcrafted...

pureblyss: ginandbird: thedaythatnevercomes: Handcrafted... (dream a little dream of me.)


Mushimegane Books chronicles the work of Misa Kumabuchi’s ceramics and porcelain vessels. So beautiful.

Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established by three female designers. Pulling from its founders’ backgrounds in architecture, art, and woodworking, the company creates exquisitely crafted American-made furniture, objects and lighting.

Blog Milk Blog: Gentl and Hyers

Gentl and Hyers

Jim Franco Ceramics photographed by Gentl and Hyers for Dara Artisans