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    Words I love

    Words I love

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    Doctor Who Digital Print - All of Time and Space - 11th Doctor Quote. $5.99, via Etsy.

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    Pocahontas is one of my fave princesses. Cross-cultural interracial love story and she had a mind of her own!

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    Life quotes.

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    Surround yourself with people who love, inspire, and encourage you as a person. Mama Zara

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    Work hard & be kind.

    Canton Box Co. 'Work Hard and Be Kind' Wall Art | Nordstrom

    You have me

    where there is beauty

    I think this is what I really need. I mean, who the heck knows what they truly need, but, this is what I'd like.

    Oh Darling Art Print by Mursblanc | Society6

    "Falling in love is like looking at the stars..if you pick one out of the billions, and stare at it long enough, all the others will melt away." Dr Who #10 (though I prefer #9)

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    I love you in a place where there is no space or time. Rory & Amy Doctor Who

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    Slogging through traditional love quotes can be taxing, especially when you just want something that tingles that geek-loving robot heart of yours. We root for the geeky underdog to get the girl and hope the battle over evil ends in a big snog. And we need something relatable for our ceremony readings, invitation wording, and pop culture-filled vows, right? You demand nerdy romance, funny vow ideas, and swashbuckling toast fodder from movies, TV, and a few books? As you wish...

    30 geek movie love quotes

    Geek Sweets - Cupcakes - Princess Bride Cupcakes

    One Of The Greatest Stories Ever Told: THE HOBBIT- J.R.R Tolkien

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    And be there for each other during tough times.

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    "I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone." ~ Arwen. Tolkien. Tengwar

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    Tears... If you can watch an episode of Doctor Who without crying, I dare say you have no soul.

    Danse de la mort

    princess bride funny lino stamp ish poster by studiomarshallarts, $12.00

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    Probably the most geeky and one of the cutest things someone could say. I must admit, I'm halfway tempted to try a few of these out one day. Granted, no time soon, but one day. :)

    Gotta Love Trek Quote Tee For Valentine's Day

    After All This Time - Always Harry Potter Mug on Etsy, $22.99

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    "There's a big difference than mostly dead, and all dead. Mostly dead, is slightly alive. With all dead, there's only one thing you can do...go through his pockets and look for loose change." :-)

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    Star Wars Quote Tee HUN-SW-VDAY-TEE

    Star Wars - Brands

    "You're made of so much beauty, but it seems that you forgot, when you decided that you were defined, by all the things you're not." -so beautiful.

    If any of you are feeling down..

    Fun Psychology facts here!

    Psychology Facts


    Happiness in Being Silly custom 8 1/2 x 11 frame-able typography print sample

    Princess Birthday Party Invitation... I'd like that as a poster in my daughter's room!

    Stationery Inspiration Hand Painted Signs | Tiny Prints Blog
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