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    American Girl Doll House

    American Girl Doll House

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    An American Girl doll house: A kitchen almost better than my real one! Who doesn't love to bake and cook in a well appointed kitchen?

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    • Brianna

      That kitchen wow like I am so blown away where did you get the stuff for the kitchen ??

    18" Dollhouse from Target - cheap!

    Our Generation Wooden Dollhouse
    • Wendy Barshinger
      Wendy Barshinger

      Wow thats cheap I think it is awesome mom from livia barshinger

    • Wendy Barshinger
      Wendy Barshinger

      I did not mean what i said in the other commet it is awesome and cheap

    They are finally making 18" doll houses for the mainstream market. Still like my homemade one better.

    Sweet Bungalow Dollhouse | zulily

    Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set - New Color!

    Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set

    Attaching Ikea doll beds with Gorilla Glue

    DIY Doll Bunk Beds

    Cute corner design

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    This is really smart - and can be re-purposed for a girl who grows out of dolls.

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    • Sherry Keely
      Sherry Keely

      I have an old entertainment center with built in lighting that would be perfect for this project. A reading nook !!😊

    Sweet kitchen with hand painted floor

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    • Charmaine MacPherson Velazquez
      Charmaine MacPherson Velazquez

      A MUST for our new Dollhouse!

    • Wendy Barshinger
      Wendy Barshinger


    • Akisha Trapp
      Akisha Trapp

      can i get that for free

    rowhouse dollhouses

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    Another amazing Ikea Pax dollhouse

    Oops, there was an error! | American Girl Playthings!
    • Becca Abbers
      Becca Abbers

      My parents were poor when we were kids so this is exactly whay they did. We LOVED it.

    This AG house is more impressive when you click through the slide show showing the details.

    Lynda's American Girl Doll House

    Badger Basket Doll Travel Case with Bed and Bedding

    Badger Basket Doll Travel Case -

    "Our ULTIMATE Mega Huge Giant American Girl Dollhouse Tour"

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    • Lisa Luft
      Lisa Luft

      I just truely enjoyed watching ur dollhouse video,I think the lil girl was absolutely adorable + for real. So many girls r kinda stuck- up on U-Tube however this lil girl had humility + she was humble.Other girl's should learn from her how 2 do a 18" doll or AG doll dollhouse video!!!!! I'm a AG spillover + I'm working on marketing a AG dollhouse ,lived it video!!!!!!!

    American Girl Mailboxes for your doll!

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    Amazing American Girl Doll House!

    American Girl Doll Play: Amazing American Girl Doll House!

    How to make dog collar and leash set for doll pets

    Doll Craft - Make a Dog Collar and Leash for your Doll's Pets

    Great American Girl kitchen - love the chair rail

    Oops, there was an error! | American Girl Playthings!

    American Girl bathroom - love the shower!

    Oops, there was an error! | American Girl Playthings!
    • Natalie Yates
      Natalie Yates

      Where did you get that! It's so awesome!

    Pax wardrobes from IKEA make amazing dollhouses

    The Dollhouse - Doll Dreams

    Amazing AG dollhouse with very professional carpentry work and details

    NormandieMom's image

    Recycled Kid Kraft Dollhouse

    Peekaboo Photos Blog

    Make a mini birthday cake out of an electric tea light - so cute!!!

    Signed with Ink: Sorry, day late/dollar short!

    Doll Sized Aquarium

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    American girl DIY kitchen!

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    • Cassidy Hayes
      Cassidy Hayes

      so you made this sweet dishwasher so cool

    The Real Thing with the Coake Family: American Girl Doll Bedding Pattern {Free}

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