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Freelance writer and science educator. Part-time giraffe wrangler.

The story of my eating disorder: #MentalHealth #bodyimage #selfimprovement

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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? You know your mother is the good

This lying chest fly can reduce the appearance of armpit fat!

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Sarina Brewer

We’re All Equal Now, So We Should Shut Up and Go Home — by Clementine Ford. Thousands of years of oppression. Reversed and redirected. In 40 years. Who knew it was so easy? Of course, such a thing is ridiculous. Because the problem with the idea of equality is how difficult it is to measure. When people say, ‘equality has been reached’, what they really mean is that it is now (mostly) illegal to directly legislate in a way that disadvantages women over men. It is illegal to say that a woman can’t be made CEO of a Fortune 500 company – but does that mean she will be? No, because now we have insidious indicators of sexism. And every woman who takes on a role previously legislated (whether officially or socially) to belong to a man will now be seen by some to have stolen that ‘right’ away from men in general.