Superhero socks :-)

unusual Superhero Socks-sold complete with little mini capes. They come in Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman varieties.NO WAY! I want the Wonder Woman socks.

Way cool business cards by typoretum

Absolutely adore this font, love lower case, love the letterpress. Edge Painted Business Card on Neenah, Cranes LETTRA, 220 Cover

Pullout table

The DeskBox is a pull out worktable created by Israel-born UK-based designers Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges studio for the furniture brand Arco

Waffle-iron making mini-furnufure :D

Waffled Furniture Anyone?

Now your waffle home can have all the waffle furniture it can handle. From the Japanese / Portuguese partnership of Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, this waffle iron creates a complete set of dollhouse sized furniture. In waffle form.

Kitchen tower by Philippe Starck - Strangely interesting idea....

Tower Kitchen by French Designer Philippe Starck for German Manufacturer Warendorf. The Tower Kitchen features two standalone units that each take up no more than one square meter of floor space.

Kraft envelopes

kraft paper Envelope - search result, Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co.

Minimalistic blacked-out one-hand watch

Defakto Watches - Puristic designed automatic watches by Raphael Ickler, Made in Germany, Pforzheim

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