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Patio Decor Ideas Love that trey of flowers!
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Tasmania-based furniture designer Duncan Meerding loves the outback wilderness, which comes across in his work – his most popular pieces are simple logs whose natural cracks emit soft, warm light. Meerding is also legally blind, so the use of light in his pieces helps him communicate how he sees the world
Modern Backyard Design Ideas - Create A Sunken Firepit For Entertaining Friends
Sometimes for comfort and aesthetics, we often design a sunken space in our yard and garden. Of course, for the need of topography, for example, the yard or patio was built on a slope, a sunken space need to be created. No matter what, the sunken structure deftly avoids the shortcomings of the terrain but […]
Douglas Larson of Salt Lake City turned a falling-apart trampoline pit into a fabulous outdoor lounge. See how here.
Clipart of Vintage Arrow Axe and Sword Label Designs with Sample Text - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by BestVector