VW Camper Tent?

VW Camper Van Tent courtesy Poppytalk - maybe I would consider camping?


Campfire rules, I was a campfire girl

i wanna go camping

bet they don't allow a lot of campfires in the redwood forest these days

The View from Dead Horse Point: Canyonlands and the Colorado River, 05/1972

David Hiser - The View from Dead Horse Point - Canyonlands and the Colorado River - 1972

tree trippin

Me and James had an adventure like this many a summer afternoon.A tree bridge across the creek.good memories of childhood


The Death Road in Los Yungas - Bolivia, this bus is loaded with the mountain bikes for turists.

here forever

Finding a Swimming Hole Complete W Tire Swing! Natural Swimming Pool, Indonesia photo via skinnylittlebird


summer boat fort Nieddu Mundell Mundell if we have a big enough pond or lake on property I vote we have boat fort camping/worship/races/storytime/whatever else we can do in boat forts!

been there done that

Stay Tuned: On That Coachella High

bug off

road trips in highly unsuitable travelling vehicle. an absolute must.