Harry's new icon because some dumbass fans kept saying shit and made him change it! :) On the bright side of things he looks amazing as always!


"Is that… Marcel Styles? He’s got a boyfriend now." "Is that the guy standing next to him? That’s Louis. Don’t say a word to Marcel or he will fuck you up.


Uh oh, this isn’t the news we wanted to hear just around the holidays. It looks like Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have to wait just a little bit longer to start spending their lives together.

Narry love

Niall and Harry last night at Harry's Birthday party in London! Niall was the only band mate to attend Harry's party.

Teen choice awards

One Direction - Teen Choice Awards Performance 2013 (Video): Photo One Direction takes the stage for a performance of their song

Oh niall

Imagine Fan: "How's y/n doing?" Niall: "She's great thanks" Fan: "You really love her right?" Niall: "Yes"