brown ink world, this is just cool

Brown ink world map tattoo.this would be awesome with your home state! I would do Colorado! Then I wouldn't get in trouble for getting a tattoo because it looks like a birthmark! :-) love the brown ink

The color is flawless.

Those who love all things space, astronomy or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo ideas. These astronomy tattoos featuring some beautiful tattoo depicting stars, planets, galaxies and other artistic shapes and symbols

WOW….the color just screams at me….thats it time to finish my sleeve;)

25 Brilliant Japanese Water Scene Tattoos

Japanese Water Tattoo Designs I'm not a fan of the Japanese style but the color is phenomenal.

watercolor tattoos | Marcus Lund I Love Watercolor Tattoos | Tattoos&Piercings

Upper back dripping ink tree & flying bird watercolor tattoo – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on ink watercolor tattoo, tree watercolor tattoo to Personalize yourselves.

Accept your body, yourself, your mind. Picture of: Alex Minsky. Alex is an ex marine who is now a successful underwear model.

So this is Alex Minsky. He's amazing. Ex marine who lost his leg and is now an underwear model. Look at those tattoos. [also he's got a foot tattoo that says "I'm with stupid" pointing to his prosthetic leg]

Tattoo In Tattoos Fatamorgana: Flower Tattoos Designs

Tattoo In Tattoos Fatamorgana: Flower Tattoos Designs- i want sacred geometry flowers but this is the right idea.

Tattoo Artist - Leonidas Lonis Tattoo |

Inspired by nature and wildlife these most beautiful nature tattoos are very realistic and charming. Nature can be a great concept for a tattoo, with some elegant and down to earth art featuring roses, mountains, woods,

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