Oh that face

cute kitten trying to drink water. This kitten needs a mommy to teach it how to drink from the faucet.

prescription for happiness

Just what the doctor ordered

grey on grey nap time

Grey cat lounging on grey sofa. it's a Nebelung! i love my nebby!

pablo picasso

Pablo Picasso’s drawings inside a copy of an animal book he illustrated for someone (i forget who, it was a show up at the yale art gallery a few years back).

ⓕurry & ⓕeathery ⓕriends - photos of birds, pets & wild animals - puppy needs a kitty cat cuddle


"You and me and the cat" sweater - if I can't find this sweater, I'm making a life goal to make a t-shirt with this on it!

laurahughes-illustrator: I’ve decided to draw every cat I meet from memory. This is the first kitty. A handsome black cat with big fat paws!

bowtie kitty :)

Dapper in a black bow tie with red sweater

FINALLY, a convenient way to carry your furry friend everywhere you go. #meow

Finally, a convenient way to carry your furry friend everywhere you go. Perfect birthday gift for all your friends. Which are cats.

hanging out

An entry from Emilialua

Kitten peeking out of a broken window.

Mer Cat Brooch

Mer Cat Brooch

Mercat brooch- little knitted mouth makes me feel sick it's so sweet :'(

Buddha bower

sleeping on Buddha`s lap - "All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else." ~ The Buddha lis

Children Read To Shelter Cats To Soothe Them by lovemeow: At Animal Rescue League of Berks County, children can read to shelter cats to soothe them. 'The program will help children improve their reading skills while also helping the shelter animals. Cats find the rhythmic sound of a voice very comforting and soothing.' #Cats #Kids #Reading

blueeyedhale: “ The Animal Rescue League of Berks County, P., has a program called “Book Buddies” where children volunteer to read to sheltered cats. The point of the “Book Buddies” program is to.

The Healing Power of Cat Purrrrs http://www.refugechatsverdun.com/

Cats create purr vibrations within a range known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses. Finally, a reason why I'm a crazy cat lady!

Galway Bay, Ireland I want to paint this! More

Tabby cat sitting in front of a doorway, Galway Bay, Ireland.

Beauty parlor

Beauty parlor cats waiting for their turn