10 year old Lilli runs to the living room on her birthday. "Mommy!" She shouts. He mother beams at her. It's, it's better than she ever expected. A dog. I loyal little small happy dog. 10 year old Jerry walks out into the living room, unhappy. A, a fish?

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Peintures sur bois par Cathy McMurray

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photos from each state they visited glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state.

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Sleepy Bear's Friends Story Stones

Story stones: Paint characters on stones for kids to play with or to help with story telling.

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My name is Jo. I am a 21 year old femme lesbian, born & raised in the Chicago area. Here you will find a unique hodgepodge of fashion & style, home decor & interior design, literature, women loving women, as well as some encouraging and inspiring quotes.

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