See how knowing which direction your garden faces can help you plan your garden. Do you need to find ways to provide more sunlight or do you need to provide shade for your plants? Knowing your direction can help. More at

How Does Your Garden Grow?

cottage garden with lupine and allium and iris

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Even a small garden can become a haven for birds and butterflies when you choose flowers they prefer. For example, this square bed is packed with bird and butterfly favorites, such as black-eyed Susan and phlox. A bird feeder and birdhouse add to the garden's wildlife-friendly features./

Small Garden Ideas


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Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia shade tolerant, fragrant blooms, evergreen

Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia

Eremurus bungei (Foxtail Lilies)

Our Life in Idaho: Back Garden

Anemone sylvestris: An easy-to-grow, spring-blooming perennial that's deer and rabbit resistant! Picked by: Kim

Perennial Results: Plant View - Anemone sylvestris

Astrantia Fireworks by Beth Mason

Astrantia Fireworks by Beth Mason

Alliums and verbascum

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Verbascum...dreams of spring and summer in an old fashioned country garden

Roser og Patina

Spalding Gardening Calendar - I just need to change the months to suit the southern hemisphere.

Spalding Gardening Calendar

For the hummingbirds

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English garden for all seasons. Winner Daily Mail National Garden Competition

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Cottage garden

John Glover Photography - Home

cottage garden

Summer Cottage Garden Plan

Beautiful cottage style garden.

Garden Design and Plant Ideas For Spring - Put Some Color In Your Life

Cottage garden, foxglove, delphinium, poppies, penstemon

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Cottage garden

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Dreaming of Spring! Beautiful

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6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

Why are my plants turning yellow? If your vegetable garden or house plants have gone from verdant to flavescent, it could be a sign of health issues like too much water or too few nutrients. A new infographic offers tips for getting to the root of the problem.

Why are my plants turning yellow?

Foxglove, snapdragon, roses and daisies - charming!

Icy Monkey