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I laughed very hard. Just funny.

Ain't No Party Like An Introvert Party

unless youve been to mardi gras you prob dont realize the beauty, festivity, and the effort stranger's put into making this Mardi Gras bead tree--one strand at a time.

Mardi Gras Trash Cleanup | Big Spring Environmental

We don't need any quitter strips! :)

R2D2 knit mitts!!

Collection of R2D2 Knitting Projects -

Moulin Rouge

*spews tea across screen* THIS WINS EVERYTHING EVER

Annnnd That would be the point in which I began to weep like a child who just dropped their lollipop into a pile of cat pooh <--- that lol

Oh Tom...♥ we all know how irresistible Benny is!

Hehe :)

What does that darn fox say? Well, no matter. The only sounds that matter are the chuckles earned by this fun tee. Like any good synth-pop fusion, it features a classic cut to blend comfort and humorous style.


Cookie Monster learns a lesson from Tom Hiddleston.

I want this job

Juice pouches and Rocky are enough to win my heart. Especially if you're as awesome as Jesse from Pitch Perfect.

Coexist DC Marvel t-shirt

33 frustrating things about the walking dead

This is hilarious!! Takes a while to watch, but it is worth it....Best of Stupid Game Show Answers (SGSA)

Jordan Knight. He's still my fave.


Pretty nice photoshop mash-up of the portraits that have been released thus far.

grab your tissues, Potterheads. it's almost like 30 Seconds To Mars sang this song "This Is War" for Harry Potter. great video

Fun. "Carry on"

pretty much

Is this a kissing book? BEST MOVIE EVER. @Arden Illyria Illyria Illyria Illyria Illyria McDonald @Maggie Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore O'Dell the princess bride

Supernatural Meta Madness from The French Mistake. The best one!!