LC2 e LC3 – Le Corbusier

e – Le Corbusier - Corbusier said: "Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois" - always loved the look of these, but sitting in a real one was an awful experience =/

Cité Frugès 2005-4 - Le Corbusier

Cité Frugès - Le Corbusier“I authorise you to put your theories into practice, however extreme the consequences might be. I would like to achieve conclusive results in a new form of inexpensive living quarters. Pessac must be a laboratory.

Le Corbusier

Portrait of Le Corbusier - Swiss born architect, designer who was a pioneer of high design in modern architecture. Constructed buildings all over the world. He was dedicated to providing better living conditions for residents of crowded cities.

hmmmm...i like this one because it's extreme.  throw a cute, comfy cushion on this and it's a go! ;)

Domage a Corbu, grand confort, sans confort by Swiss interior architect and designer Stefan Zwicky. Concrete and rebar.

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