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hand-crafted table, modernist ceramics. pawena studio which combine scandinavian, asian and indian influences.

New York, NY... The Butcher’s Daughter a NY Juice Bar looking very clean neat and fresh and very left coast-ish. The difference between this and Fruition is that there wouldn't be any seating for dining.However, I do enjoy the plants on the wall.

I thought this peeling paint texture fit with the skateboarding theme because it has a grungy yet poppy look to it. The pop of color could be symbolic of graffiti.

I really like this also for thinking about what the materials of the world, especially the hanamichi/bridge might be. The ombre is nice, the way the color doesn't cover over the material but sits in with it, responds to it and blends with it.

Photo via Home Adore. When picking out colors, fixtures and decorations for our new home, one of my biggest inspirations has been the sunny little city of Palm Springs. I truly love the happy disposi