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why is this so funny to me

It’s really something to think about…

This is funny!

This fits for so many. I love it.

If you leave the sexual innuendo door open even the slightest bit, I will come crashing through it like the Kool Aid Man.

YELLOWDOG GRANNY: laugh and the world laughs with you..MONDAY

they never cover it and they aren't quite as fun to say

Where can I find this!?!?

I Like To Party And By Party I Mean Read Books

I Like To Party And By Party I Mean Read Books | HUMAN


Classy Dorm Room Idea: Fantastic mint green and brown college dorm room with fleur-de-lis

This is awesome

Eric West™ (EricJWest) on Twitter

Beyonce made a song called single ladies then went home to her husband & left you lonely hoes dancing in a circle pretending to be happy.

I'm not saying she's a slut. I am just surprised Facebook hasn't made her vagina a place to 'check in' yet!

Difference between Music Genres, I'm crying from laughter hahahaha

I'm not saying she's a slut, but she calls her underwear 'ankle warmers'.

When a person driving behind you pulls onto the same street the first thought is that they are a murderer stalking you

Haha funny

Instant classic

Gangnam Style meets angry cat. @Sara Eriksson st. George....crying!

tumblr_n3elj7HVyM1r1vzzeo1_500.jpg (420×294)

I'm sorry, but this is too funny!!!

happens all the time


This is hilarious!

hahaha hilarious