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I laughed way too much at this.

Disney face switch, This made me laugh more than it should have. Omg Boo and Sulley are terrifying

so true

Funny pictures about Never Pause A Disney Movie. Oh, and cool pics about Never Pause A Disney Movie. Also, Never Pause A Disney Movie photos.

NOT disney, and disney

Anastasia and The Swan Princess were part of my childhood movie foundation. Quest for Camelot is a more recent but I love it just as much. And poor Princess Eilonwy - I remember you!


What would had happened if the Disney villains had won. Its weird to see pictures of Belle and Gaston's boys if beast had been slayed. C-C-C-Creepy. But I don't think Belle ever would have married Gaston, no matter what the circumstances were.

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I use to dislike palm trees when I lived in San Diego (felt they should only be on an island somewhere).now I'm surrounded by pine trees & mountains, & although beautiful.they have taught me to appreciate & miss my palm trees