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Fire up your core for a flat belly! This is a great full-body workout that targets the abs and back.

Hello, Amazing Abs: Printable Core Workout - Feeling a little mushy in your middle from all those holiday cookies and missed workouts? Its time to fire up your midsection with this dynamic core circuit workout!

HIIT Workout Week 2 - A Healthy Life For Me

HIIT Workout Bicep, Tricep and Shoulder. HIIT exercises increases your metabolism meaning you burn more calories, lose more fat, and improve your cardiovascular fitness level in a short period of time. - A Healthy Life For Me

different teas and what they help with

Teas and what they do. Not quite sure how to categorize this cool infographic. It's about yummy stuff, but it's also pretty to look at. Recipes or art?

The day I met him | We Heart It

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now. Day Two: Nine things about yourself. Day Three: Eight ways yo win your heart. Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a.


One of my favorite things about yoga is seeing your body conquer something new and challenging. It will amaze you! Every time i need some inspiration i think of what amazing things my body can and could do. It is truly remarkable!

20 - 30 min no-weights workout

Get Fit For No-Excuses Workout: Drop the excuses: we've made a workout you can do anywhere. Torch calories and build some metabolism-boosting muscle with these body-weight exercises. Simply warm up, work out, train your core, and you're done.