I absolutely love giraffes! On my first family vacation ever, I was able to actually go in a pen with giraffes and pet/ feed them. I thought they were so interesting and loved them ever since.


Stunning Big White Spotted Wild Cat: I don't know if this is a leopard or a tiger but it is one amazing animal complete with light blue eyes and a bright red to

giraffe nightlight

Giraffe Night Light- not that I would ever spend fifty bucks on a nightlight, but perhaps I can find a knock off?


i want a giraffe kiss professionalphotography: “ Kissing Giraffes - True Love (by Buck Forester) ”

Newborn Giraffe <3

This newborn giraffe is unusually small by a large margin. Most babies measured would be considered big – but newborn giraffe Margaret at Chester Zoo, UK is seen as unusually small for her species.

Our Understanding of Giraffes Does Not Measure Up - The New York Times

Our Understanding of Giraffes Does Not Measure Up

I NEED to see giraffe in the Wild! Giraffes may be popular — a staple of zoos, corporate logos and the plush toy industry — but until recently almost nobody studied giraffes in the field so there is much we don’t know about them.


21 Cute Baby Animals giraffe baby with mom babies. I love baby animals. Literally I'm way too obsessed with baby animals.

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