my writing storyboard- Violent Delights inspiration

Violent Delights, The Tragic Tale of the Family Thompson. Future project that's been stalking my mind for years now that I will get to "someday" this story is a work of fiction, except for the parts that aren't. Sadly, it's the parts that aren't that kill. As Eric said, "Someday J you are going to tell the world my story, when you do, make me seem like less of an asshole okay."

Macbeth was born with tragedy in his blood. He was the one who caused it by killing many innocent people including his closest friends. << Literally the Baudelaire children


♥"The sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness and in taste confounds the appetite. Therefore love moderately: long love doth so; too swift arrives as tardy as too slow."♥ - Romeo and Juliet Act 2 sence 6 Friar Lawrence