This is adorable and beautiful and just.. iridescent

This is beautiful. I'm saving this under this board because it places emphasis on finding books with girl protagonists and heroes and coming up short.

but what if the someone makes a shit movie based on your amazing novel? u wasted ur entire life? and u dont even get to become best friends with ur fav actor?

Writer's Soul-- This is a beautifully written statement and one I Whole hearted agree with too. I'm sure many writers and inspiring writers feel the same way.

You forgot a random nugget if an idea for an entirely different book thrown in the middle of all that somewhere.

Screenwriting inspiration

I love hearing my thoughts come from another writer. We are not telling the story, the story is using us as a vessel

His eyes were like warm hot chocolate and, when she looked deep enough, she could see the warmth of the future nights by the fire that they would spend millions of, together.<<< then there is me with my poop brown eyes

I needed this after a year and a half on a creative writing degree. Honestly, I have never met such a bunch of pretentious prescriptivists than my lecturers.


Ninety percent of the time, writing consists of staring at a blank Word document. <-- ah, the struggles of being a writer.

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