how to remove water rings from wooden furniture

how to remove water rings from wooden furniture--good to know! using a hair dryer or an iron to get rid of water rings. We used a blow dryer on high. We held it fairly close to the stain. Slowly it started disappearing!

Couponing for beginners: Not so extreme

How to Start Couponing for Beginners

Pin now, read later: Couponing for beginners: Not so extreme. I love my couponing. I save so much money on stuff. It is not as hard as everyone says it is.

So much nicer than a bottle of Dawn sitting out.

DIY: Lettering on glass bottles I etching whiskey glasses for my husband 10 years ago and for got about it, great idea for our olive oil vs. vegetable oil near our stove or hand soap vs. dish soap near our kitchen sink!

{How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers} *love

How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

How to make your own Mason Jar Soap Dispensers - Awesome tutorial with lots of photos! Love the Mason jar soap dispensers from Bath & Body Works, now I can make them myself!

Ive never seen this idea before!

First comes love - engagement picture, then comes marriage - wedding picture, now they'll need a baby carriage - pregnancy announcement. Such a touching idea.

Homemade goo gone. Just two ingredients you probably already have!

Homemade Goo Gone 1 part veg oil 2 parts baking soda Stir together until paste is formed. Then, use a paper towel or your fingers to apply. Work the mixture into the residue until it releases from the surface.Wash off with soap and warm water.

I can't wait to try this DIY laundry detergent! Who wouldn't want something that is better AND cheaper?!

DIY Laundry Detergent - Cheaper and Better!

DYI Laundry Soap from 1 box Borax, 1 box Arm/Hammer Super Washing Soda, 1 tub lb) OxyClean (optional), 2 bars Zote Soap (or Fels Naptha), 1 box Arm/Hammer Baking Soda and Purex Crystals Fabric Softener;

10 Minute Microwave Kool-Aid Play-Doh

Microwave Kool-Aid Play-Doh in 10 minutes! NO food coloring or Cream of Tartar necessary! Need to try this. The smell of the dough has got to be great! I definitely didn't like this play doh.

Laundry room, seeking sole mates

Laundry room, seeking sole mates-Oh, so making this! We have so many missing sole mates :)