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If this doesn’t make sense to you, you need to spend more time at the library; is the fairy tale section in the Dewey Decimal System. :) Necklace crafted by The Pendant Emporium on Etsy— they have so many beautiful literary- and vintage-themed necklaces!

They should print books with glow in the dark ink. So you can read at night. - I could have used that when I was growing up keeping my sister awake. Also, so I didnt get caught by my parents when I was supposed to have had the light out hours ago. ;-)

Yes, it does, but it makes me sad to remember that Narnia is gone. <--This is ACTUALLY the one series I refused to finish. I didn't want it to end, and as long as I never read it, some small part of me can believe that it didn't.

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Words of wisdom from Lemony Snicket. :) And I probably will, too. Unfortunately. So I guess I'll be coming back as a restless spirit, haunting libraries and bookstores until I've read all the books on my list. Not a bad existence, really. :)

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*giggles* I find myself sounding the most illiterate after trying to come back into our world after having been so long integrated into the world of a good book. There are just so many emotions and ideas that I find near impossible to put into words.

While this is powerful and poetic for book lovers, imagine a being bound to the book... trapped in moments of the story..unless the book is opened and read. Then they are freed from their moment ... manifesting in the real world... for a time.