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Jessica Mumford

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A love like ours, only comes once. I love you mr j. ♥ -yopuudddin

Or the light inside a person when everyone else only sees darkness.

Disney / DC Comics (Batman). I find this to be very disturbing, which is probably what they were going for.

All tuckered out...

Pyr with young goat friend

Awesome pictures. Animals are great!

God only sees the shouldn't we try to see what He sees? That's how we can love others as He has instructed.

These puppy dog eyes deserve every snackie the world has to offer. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

This Dog Has No Idea What She’s Doing. Remember that funny picture of a beautiful golden retriever seated at a computer with the caption “I have no idea what I’m doing?” Her owner has come forward with more hilarious photos of her dog doing human things and being totally confused. Follow her

This is an amazing dog and an amazing owner. Seriously sweet.

Biggest Pitbull On Record | 400_huge_bully_pitbull_pit_bull.jpg

.-. Yea... I'll always be the.. Black sheep of the family. v.v sorry people to disappoint you all.

Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.

This Is How Parents Save Money - I grew up in a big family, and this is absolutely true! Smart parents save the items they DO want as rewards!

Ooh that's creepy but cool.

Things will kill your relationship: insecurity, trust issues, jealousy, lack of communication & assumptions

family portrait... oh my goodness! I want all of them! :)

This proud little smiler. | The 37 Cutest Baby Animal Photos Of 2014

What Are Anxiety Disorders? Infographic - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins