Dream Catcher Tattoo. Sooome day !! This gives me more ideas for mine !! I never thought to incorporate flowers with it ! Now I can just get one big tattoo instead of two separate ones !! BRILLIANT ! I gotta start sketching this out !!!

And another tattoo idea, owl with a dream catcher. Working on my dream catcher, I like this as a base outline to go off of

Dream catcher tattoo design by tattoosuzette.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I was approached and asked to design a tattoo which combined a dragon and a dream catcher, here is the end result (they also asked for it to be black & white). Anyone is welcome to use the desi.

Dreamcatcher tattoo design by on deviantART i absolutely love how the sun and planets are in the center! such an awesome idea! possible tatt design

shoulder tattoo | Tumblr

Stunning shoulder piece- pink and purple flowers over black lace. I'm really thinking about getting a shoulder piece.

that's a tattoo idea! way cool. two dream catchers and an owl at the same time.

I love this dream catcher owl perhaps as a tattoo! Makes sense. I love dreamcatchers and I love owls

Cute elephant tattoo by Matt Sager. Beautiful Dreamcatcher Elephant tattoo!!!

Dreamcatcher elephant tattoo - As mentioned earlier, you can decorate your dreamcatchers with anything that is sacred to you. For this lady, an elephant was necessary.