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Jessi Robelot
Jessi Robelot
Jessi Robelot

Jessi Robelot

Legit this is how I learned my multiplications lol

Hair Trends: What’s Hot & Whats Not In 2015? #BestUBeauty

This is a perfect dramatic color for the rare occasion I would use one (seriously, great shade) and the "matte lip cream" style of a color sounds like it's worth trying out. Pin is just a pic originally, edited to include this link

Monthly Onesie Stickers for Boys- Blue and Gray Elephants - Elephant Stickers. Paste on white onesies every month for a picture

Free month sticker printables to white onesie.

Grey and Orange Nursery MobileTangerine clouds by katemaedesigns, $45.00

Jimmy Neutron was always one of my top favorite movies growing up. I would watch it over and over again.

McSalad Shakers The Chef Salad shaker was awesome! I used to get these all the time from McD's back when I worked at Roses in the 1990s!

I had all kinds of different lunch boxes like these, loved them

Chef Boyardee Street Sharks Pasta | 19 Cartoon-Themed Foods And Snacks From The '90s You Might Not Remember

Barnum Animal Crackers in their carrying cases!

Pretty Decorated Easter Cookies Repinned By:#TheCookieCutterCompany

animal stick - we've still got the shark one at mum and dads place and now my nieces play with it :D

Rustic wood moulding looks beautiful against the gray colored walls. | Stylish Western Home Decorating

I miss my favorite candy: Hershey's Kissables

Omg I remember trying to collect them all I even had the big poster of all of them lol who knows what happened to the once I had. ? Lol

Goody snap-tight barrettes. I would typically wear about 10 at once! :)

My search for a bold, dark shade of lipstick made me think a lot about Pinterest and race. | Here's What Happened When I Lived According To Pinterest For A Week

Best advice someone gave me that helped a ton, NUMBER your rsvp cards because some people write a no where they should put their name and you have no idea who it is! Once you get them back in the mail, go into your excel spreadsheet and mark them coming or not coming. Then you also dont have to worry about losing the cards and you can easily tell who still owes you one! ---SUCH A SMART IDEA!