Beauty in Nature

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"... when the days are a little shorter by the clock, and a little long by the want - when the sky has new red gowns, and a purple bonnet - then we say you will come." Emily Dickinson - Letter to Mrs Bowles August 1862

Learn the truth and other incredible, little-known mosquito facts from Mosquito Magnet®. I'd like to verify some of this as I've just noticed that their product is rated highest. Still, as someone who gets eaten alive every summer, it's food for thought!

There is no problem of where I sleep as long as it is an adventure and an experience. I have been saying this for years as long as I just have a place to sleep I am fine, therefore as long as I have blankets and a flat surface

Okay, so we'll skip the part where this links back to a travel insurance ad, but ... Kayaking with Penguins in Antarctica??? Now THAT would be an epic adventure! Thanks, Keeli White, for the appetizer! - Sue.