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Crate trainings dos and dont's for dog owners [Infographic] -Training your dog to use a crate can help better prepare your canine friend for travel and give him a safe space. Never send a dog to her crate as punishment.

New dog clicker training ring tool "Clicker Ring" now in preproduction and available for pre-order:

30 Positive Reinforcement Training Tips For Your Pets. The last one is a little odd unless you're working on a dog who isn't sure about people touching feet. Otherwise, yay!

Many #dogs cannot stay calm when they see another dog/person/somethg in their environment. They *react* instead of observe. These reactions are grouped into 4 behavior categories: -> Fight (barking, lunging) -> Flight (avoiding, hiding) -> Freeze (cowering, shutting down) -> Fool Around (jumping, mouthing) Positive reinforcement methods (ex. the "Engage-Disengage Game") help dogs to become less anxious/fearful:

20 Fun And Easy Games To Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Fit

Choose Positive Dog Training is owned by Alice Tong. We specialize in puppy training, positive reinforcement, and clicker training in Oakland and the East Bay.

Dog bed. @Patricia Price, kiki would use this for a day and then climb right back in bed with us...

This is the most ingenius architectural feature for a bedroom that I have ever seen.This little boy has a special Doggie Bed built-in w/ stairs so his pet could be at his level as they sleep.Underneath the Doggie Bes is a hansome storage drawer.

Check out this entry in "Rescue Your Rescue" Photo Contest 2016!

Check out this entry in "Rescue Your Rescue" Photo Contest

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