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Jessica Samaniego
Jessica Samaniego
Jessica Samaniego

Jessica Samaniego

Antipasto Kabobs A make ahead appetizer that looks very nice on a buffet and is easy to eat. As a more formal appetizer, serve with a side of oil and bread for dipping.****

You can't sweat with us

avocado egg salad ~ no mayo

Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken – You’ll need just 20 minutes to make this delicious recipe! For dinner, serve with hot cooked long-grain white or brown rice and a steamed vegetable.

The outside reflects the inside.

It's official!

  • Josephine Bazan

    Who cares!!!

  • Liliana Angulo

    Amber Powerll…..tell it like it is!!

  • Sierra Nyokka

    We are commenting because the glorification of these self involved, ego maniacs is a massive failure on the part of our culture who prizes fame and fortune over authenticity and actual talent. It's a form of cultural protest to comment and let others know how disgusting we find this type of glorification. I am going to keep commenting on these type of stories until these types of people are not elevated to such high levels of fame and fortune.

  • Kiki Tsavdaridis

    Sierra - couldn't have put it better myself. Are we only allowed to fawn over celebrities and censor negativity? It's reassuring to find others who are just as appalled by vacuous fame...

  • marion haddad

    @ Amber Powerll... I'm commenting in hope that the people responsible might take notice and at least tone it down a bit. It's annoying cause it's in my face everyday. If you don't like my comment you don't have to read it either.

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