Jerry Whiting

Jerry Whiting
Seattle WA / A nerd's nerd. Dad/Grandpa within my Big Fat Blended Family. Radical Buddhist. White hat hacktivist. Longtime greenie before the term existed. Great cook (never
Jerry Whiting
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JetCityOrange, Jerry Whiting Seattle

JetCityOrange is a Seattle-based website run by Jerry Whiting.

Photos of Funny Signs

Photos of odd and funny signs.

Space Needle stamped penny souvenir

Photographs of the Space Needle in Seattle WA. About the Seattle Space Needle.

The Heart Sutra Heart of Perfection Wisdom Sutra

The Heart Sutra, also called the Heart of Perfection Wisdom Sutra or Essence of Wisdom Sutra, is one of the most important Buddhist teachings.

Apricot Peach Upsidedown Cake

Photos of food, recipes, coffee and chai, beer and wine, and how to cook.

How Many Days Are In Each Month Number of Days in Each Month Trick

How to remember how many days are in each month by using the knuckles on your closed fist instead of remembering the poem 'Thirty days hath September.

Shaker Heights High Shchool mug

Cleveland OH The Integration of Shaker Heights OH and Ghoulardi

Cap'n Crunch whistle

Cap'n Crunch whistle

The Dunn Lumber Sign on Aurora Ave in Seattle

The Dunn Lumber Sign on Aurora Ave 98103