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Hot Guys Reading - James McAvoy - who played Mr. Tumnus - reads the Chronicles of Narnia. And cries a little.

Rules to survive a zombie apocalypse... #1 Cardio, but as a side note: these could work as rules to survive a gym, haha. ♥

Daryl Dixon Sweet Brown meme Norman Reedus time I Got a Little Time Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Ain't nobody got... Daryl Dixon? ... I got a little time...

yeah so out of the many 80s movies I HAVE seen...this is not one of them...well and apparently I have to change that...'cause apparently it's just really good.

What movie have you watched 1,000 times, and will never stop?

Truly one of the most visually stimulating and beautifully written love stories I've ever had the fortune to experience on film.

What Dreams May Come (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Harry Potter Personality Test. Totally worth it! #HarryPotter

The Harry Potter Personality Test

Nanny Application: Dr. House

Nanny Application: Dr. House

reaction when someone says they have never watched LOTR because it looks nerdy. - Imgur

Billy Boyd talks about writing the last goodbye; watching BOTFA missing Dom; and about Pippin if he was in The Hobbit. :) So sweet, it made me smile. :)

Billy Boyd 'The Last Goodbye sounds like a song from the Shire'


37 Of The Funniest Things Ever Shared On Tumblr

List of Harry Potter Spells.

The sound of music

Thranduil -- A brief history of Thranduil (that may shed some light on his motives) from the Unfinished Tales by JRR Tolkien

Dwarf runes. When I was young, I wrote in all my paper journals exclusively in dwarf runes.....sometimes I still do.

My Wonderland: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

"Thorin, the majestic wolf. Fili, the proud lion, and Kili.....the.....happy puppy." And somehow this is really fitting.

Oh, jingle Dwarves, jingles Dwarves, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to run from orcs and wargs all day, hey! Lol

I don't even watch Game of Thrones & I laughed at this.

Monday Morning Randomness

WETA Workshop created individual emblems for each member of the Durin Line, which became recurring motifs through the costume and weapon design. They can be found in a variety of places - from the seal on The Company's contract to the hilts of their weapons.

Genealogy of the peoples of Middle Earth by enanoakd on deviantART

This is great, but whoever made this caught them with the funniest expressions on their faces! ~ DOS Cast and Characters

Hobbit vs LOTR movie revenue and book length infographic -- interesting!

Read an Infographic About The Hobbit Revenue

The infamous egg toss while sitting at the table in Bilbo's dinning room was real, not CG. That's why the reactions of everyone at the table are so awesome, they weren't acting, their reactions were completely genuine!

The infamous egg toss was real. That is awesome :)

I was all like, aw yeah, awesome weapons post! And then I saw Bombur's and I lost it

The Hobbit Infographic Round-up - ChurchMag