Braid into a Bun Tutorial

Sock Bun Hairstyle Tutorial braid into a bun tutorial summer hair styles top 10 hairstyles for summer 2014

Light and airy and also lower to the table so it doesn't completely take over. #babysbreath #centerpieces #tablesettings

:: Havens South Designs :: is as enchanted by the story of this " Vintage Inspired Outdoor Wedding Ceremony with a Traditional Chinese Tea and Dragon Dance" as she is by the simple elegance of the baby's breath globes on the tables and hanging from trees.

Wedding centerpieces :)

Wedding centerpieces (for guests to take home)! Beta fish and marbles that are your wedding colors. Photo by Elizabeth--- disgusting, betta fish are living creatures and not decorations. I hate to be agressive but this is just cruel.

Flower arrangement with candy hearts

Sweet Centerpiece ~ Select a batch of fresh tulips & accompany them with a full vase of conversation hearts. Finish the look by sprinkling heart-shaped confetti that compliments the color scheme on the table.

Heart Centerpiece - Valentine's Day Flowers and Centerpieces

Rose Heart Centerpiece -- Heart Centerpiece Cut rose stems short and gather into tiny vases or glasses arranged in the unmistakable shape of affection.inspiration: use silk roses to make heart shaped wreath

Dining Out

A vase within a vase! Fill the gap between vases with conversation hearts, and place a bouquet of tulips in the smaller vase.: This is a great idea for a fun Valentine's Day flower arrangement.

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