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Budapest 3-Day Itinerary

Packed with iconic sights, an incredible history and a lively nightlife, Budapest, Hungary certainly knows how to entertain its guests! Whether you’re a nature lover or admirer of architecture, there to marvel at monuments or partying the night away, on a low budget or seeking a luxury escape, you can find what suits your style in Budapest. We think the city is worthy of more than just three days, but our Budapest 3-Day Itinerary is designed for the visitor who is short on time...


Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia: Celebrating Advent

Festive lights hang in a canopy over the street, casting a warm glow onto the revelers swaying to the music as they peruse the wares for sale. Although I feel foolish, I can’t wipe the giddy grin from my face. Advent has begun – and there is nothing quite like a European Christmas market to usher in the holiday spirit. With a steaming cup of spiced, mulled wine in one hand we celebrate the beginning of Christmas.


Year in Review: Our 20 Best Instagram Photos of 2016

In 2016, we explored new countries and revisited a few that we love. We rang in 2016 in the Netherlands, got a real dose of winter on a quick jaunt to Iceland in February and then completely thawed out with a five-month stint in Costa Rica. After a quick visit to the States, we took off for Europe in the middle of the summer…and have yet to leave. For five months, we’ve ventured through the countries of the former Yugoslavia before land in London for the Holidays.


A Guide to Visiting Prishtina, Kosovo

As Prishtina – population 205,000 – evolves into its new role, there are obvious growing pains. However, propelled by our fascination of former Yugoslavia, we were intent on visiting Prishtina, Kosovo to see the city for ourselves.


A Guide to Visiting Prizren, Kosovo

If Prishtina is the modern face of Kosovo, Prizren is a glimpse into the past. The preserved city center is made up of cobblestone streets, ancient mosques, centuries old churches and numerous bridges that for ages have straddled the Prizren Bistrica River. Overhead, a medieval fortress looms on the hilltop, keeping an eye on the city below.


3 Overlooked Cities in Croatia to Visit

We’ve seen more of Croatia than most tourists, yet we continue to be lured back to the country by the diverse and picturesque landscapes we have yet to discover and the warm and welcoming people we know we’ll meet there. In 2017, we’ve zeroed in on three cities in Croatia to visit: Stari Grad, Makarska and Ston.


5 Craft Beer Bars in Belgrade, Serbia

We were on a mission to seek out craft beer in Belgrade. We made inquiries that led the way to three craft beer bars in Belgrade – and we literally stumbled onto two others. As it turned out, Kabinet wasn’t as difficult to find as we feared it might be. Ranked in order of our affection for each pub (which correlates directly to the number of times we visited each pub during our stay), these are the five craft beer bars in Belgrade that we highly recommend for craft beer lovers.


Easter Island full day tour: 6 moai platforms

The all-day bus tour lasted from 9:15am until 4:30pm, made stops at six moai platform sights and included an English speaking guide for $45 per person. (Lunch was a self-provided brown bag lunch.) We were the only Americans on our tour, but our Rapa Nui tour guide was fluent in English and able to translate his passion about his people, land and history.


Visit Plitvice Lakes in Autumn: A Photo Essay

It was a crisp, cool day in late-September on our visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park. The paths were familiar; the waterfalls recognizable. But, under the glow of an autumn sun, flecks of golden light shimmered on the teal current reflecting the changing leaves of the hillside trees. We were at the entrance at 7:00am, just as the park was opening, allowing us a few hours of solitude before the crowds arrived.


7 Super Reasons to Visit Osijek, Croatia

The eastern region of Slavonia, including Osijek and Baranja, are destinations that go unnoticed. We, too, overlooked Slavonia until we heard whispers of culinary delights and small production wineries coming from the region. The more we learned, the more we were intrigued and we knew we had to visit Osijek, Croatia.